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Always Hawthorn Bequest Club

From its first VFL game in 1925, Hawthorn Football Club struggled to make its mark until the club’s first premiership in 1961. Since that first glory, the Hawks have added another twelve magnificent cups to the trophy cabinet over the next six decades.

The club enjoyed a golden era between 1971 and 1991 where it won eight flags, however this success did not equate to long term security and by 1996 Hawthorn was at the point of merger.

Hawthorn Football Club invites you to join the Bequest Club, an integral program within the Foundation, to help ensure the club never reaches that point of uncertainty again, instead remaining strong and viable for generations to come.

By leaving a bequest to the club in your Will, supporters will help Hawthorn remain strong well into the future, providing for their children and grandchildren the same sense of joy and passion they have enjoyed over the years.

By leaving a legacy in support of the club, the recipient will become a member of a very special group known as Always Hawthorn. All people have to do is inform us that this is done and you will be welcomed into the group.

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Privileges of joining the extended Hawks family

Members of Always Hawthorn share a special sense of belonging. It is a warm, open and friendly social environment.

Members who join this special group, allow the Club to thank them in their lifetime for their generosity and support.

Members receive the following privileges:

- Invitations to regular social gatherings and luncheons, sponsored by the club
- Their name will be immortalised on an honour board within the club’s facilities
- A special honourary Hawthorn Football Club Foundation lapel pin
- An exclusive copy of One for All by Harry and Michael Gordon
- A unique Always Hawthorn newsletter to keep up to date with the club’s activities
Any request for anonymity is strictly honoured.

Join the family today

Knowing about the existence of a gift, allows us to thank people and welcome them into Always Hawthorn in their lifetime.

If you are considering leaving a bequest to Hawthorn Football Club, we invite you to contact the Foundation at foundation@hawthornfc.com.au. We will be more than happy to arrange a home visit or speak with you over the phone about how you can become involved.

For more information or to request an Always Hawthorn Bequest club information brochure be sent to you, please contact our Foundation team.